Dyslexia Lincolnshire was established in 2011 by a dyslexic parent based on the coast of Lincolnshire, UK. He recognised that support for dyslexia was too expensive for people on low incomes and wanted to provide an affordable alternative.

Dyslexia Lincolnshire is a peer-led, organic social enterprise, which simply means we are different to commercial services. Dyslexia Lincolnshire is run by dyslexics, for dyslexics, and is based on the premise that people with dyslexia are able to help themselves. We grow and develop our services and opportunities based on members’ requirements.

Dyslexia Lincolnshire aims to provide information and support for all: for students, parents and teachers. Resources will include free dyslexia software applications (apps), an online community, links to careers advice and face-to-face support groups.

Vision, Mission and Aims

  • Dyslexia Lincolnshire’s vision is for an inclusive society in which all people are valued and able to reach their full potential, no matter their location, social background or economic status;
  • Our mission is to build a sustainable network of support across all groups of people in Lincolnshire. Our primary focus, while not limited to, is on disadvantaged individuals and families.
  • We aim to provide equality of opportunity through co-operative practice, using open source assistive software, low-cost assessments and information communication technologies.

Core values

Dyslexia Lincolnshire is committed to taking positive action to combat unlawful discrimination, for working to ensure that all people receive equal access and treatment.

Dyslexia Lincolnshire recognises that discrimination is experienced by certain individuals and groups in society and as such actively works to eliminate all forms of discrimination by providing equal access through affordable services.

Dyslexia Lincolnshire recognises that direct and indirect discrimination exists in our society. We believe that no-one should suffer oppression, bullying, harassment, lack of opportunity or disempowerment on the basis of their age, race, colour, gender orientation or reassignment, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnic or national origin, disability or any other factor, either directly or indirectly.

Dyslexia Lincolnshire is a work in progress. Your feedback and support is vital. Please use our contact form to get in touch.

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